my favorite quotes from mass effect - me3 men, part 1

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Mass Effect 3 + Alien Homeworlds

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does anyone genuinely find these funny

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Freedom is the right of ALL sentient beings

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laughing because she is.

i actually did laugh when I saw this in theaters because this is a very real guilt tactic parents use and it’s 100% effective

its called gaslighting


Essentially, all the Guardians start out the movie as bastards - except Groot. He’s an innocent. He’s a hundred percent deadly and a hundred percent sweet. He’s caught up in Rocket’s life, really.”  -James Gunn



Lesbian characters wearing maroon jackets with black leather sleeves.

Shit is this the new uniform??

ATTENTION ALL LESBIAN PERSONELL! New uniform regulations are in place as of August 14! SIGNAL BOOST!

parent: why hasn't ____ been round lately? I thought you were friends
me: well they turned into a cunt